Ace Products – Specifications for  Model Etched kits

Mission Statement – Our Mission statement – “ Is to endeavour to make 0 Gauge affordable to everyone who wants to model locomotives, and to scale models accurate in dimension and including all external detail which could be seen in the proto type”  

Chassis – All our chassis kits are mirror imaged.  This is done to ensure that the axleholes will line up as the chassis is built.     The drawings for 0 Gauge chassis are drawn to full size and then scaled down to 0 gauge and then etched onto 28 thou Nickel/Silver.    Some chassis etches are also designed to fold-up to suit standard 32mm gauge track but this is not done for every kit as it limits the consruction of models to Scale 7 standards.   The chassis etch generally includes all the brake gear and springs.   Other parts included on this Nickel/Silver etch include the wheel balance weights, the connecting and coupling rods.   Motion Brackets, Cylinder frames and the Ashpan.  Bogie frames and spacers together with trailing or pony trucks as appropriate to the locomotive being modelled are also included.   Brass bushes for the axle bearings to suit Slaters or Walsall wheelsets are all part of the chassis specification 

Superstructure - The locomotive bodies and footplates for our kits are also drawn initiallyto full size before being photographed down to 0 Guage and they are then etched onto 20thou Brass sheets.  Overlays for parts with heavy rivets detail are often provided half-etched to show such details or with half etched locating holes for the builder to punch out rivet detail if needed.   Separate etches are provided for the tenders of locomotives as appropriate.   The boilers are etched on to 15thou brass so that they can be pre-rolled when included in a kit     

Castings  – All of our kits include castings for the detail parts.   Most of these castings are made for us by S.E.Finecast for them such as chimneys and domes etc., and they are cast in white metal and then included in  the kit to suit each particular locomotive being modelled.  Other fine details such as Whistles, Ross-Pop safety valves etc., are Brass turned on the lathe.    Some kits have the main details cast in brass using the Lost-Wax process and these are mainly included in our catalogue as Special orders as this is a more expensive process.   

General – As set out above the artwork for our products is now prepared on AutoCad and each locomotive is drawn to Full Size and where-ever possible from the Works Drawings.   In order to make the finished model as accurate to scale as possible we try to ensure that every external detail of each locomotive is modelled

Instructions – Instructions are printed on A.4. format and included an 0 Gauge drawing of the locomotive being modelled.  A detail diagram showing how the various components fit together to make the finished model is also included in most kits g the edge of the part and then apply a clean iron (with excess solder removed from the tip) to the top of the component until molten solder is seen coming from the edges.